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King Ghoul has taken all the gorgeous green grass from the Green Guy Gang! This ghastly ghoul monarch would surely be no match for the Green Guy Gang's gumption-- If only they had more than one gun!


Hey! This is my third year participating in the GMTK Jam, thanks for checking out my entry!

The gameplay for this game ("only one" gun) was inspired in part by Hockey games of all things, and eventually became the single firearm squad shooter you see now.  Explore teamwork by yourself to conquer King Ghoul!

The rules are simple, you have a few guys on screen and you need to take out the enemies.
Each guy can shoot 3 times with left click before throwing the gun again with right click.

Pro tips:
Skeleton enemies can be stunned by a gun throw, which would pass right through a ghoul
The bullets from the gun does damage, but so does the blast from the barrel! Fight up close for extra damage!

Resources used:

Game by Trent Baker (Big Roy Studios)
you can check out Big Roy's previous work at www.bigroystudios.com


Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip file,  and run the executable right from the folder!

Antivirus might try to stop you, but these files are completely safe.


Green Guy Gang v1.0 (Jam release).zip 5 MB

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