List of known bugs and inconsistencies in v0.2 (Jam Edition)

     As you might know, this game was made in 3 days as an entry to the Magical Girl Jam, and because of that issues are inevitable. I figured I should write a record of the problems that exist with the current version of the game in case you wanted to know before playing.

     First off, I'd like to apologize for the poor and sometimes difficult level design and mediocre level assets. It's one of the last things that was worked on before the game was finished.

The List:

  • Intro cutscene is missing one slide (girl putting on hat)
  • Fixed 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Music loop is very abrupt, even from beginning
  • If hat is caught just before death, Super Jump can be activated upon respawn for the normal duration
  • Invisible solid block just before cape (floating upside-down spikes attach to it due to automated spike orientation)
  • Parallax background scrolls in opposite Y direction
  • Parallax  background image edge can be seen when zooming out with F key

     I someday hope to add more levels and features (like colored spikes that toggle with the blocks), and give the player a chance to learn the mechanics more. The swift pace of the level design shows, and now that the time restraint is over, I sort of want to see this game meet its full potential. We'll see.

Thanks for reading,



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Apr 09, 2018

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