A downloadable game for Windows

Shmavity! My entry for the GMTK2018 Game Jam.


  • A+D for left and right
  • Hold Space to charge jump
  • R to restart Level

Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen.

For this jam, the prompt was: (genre) without (mechanic). For my entry, I chose to create a platformer without gravity (hence the name). It was really fun to animate the character and fiddle with the physics until I found something both humorous and functional, and maybe even fun to play.

I forgot to add this to the readme.txt, but the music was made by me in Bosca Ceoil. I'll edit the file once the rating is over. This track is the stankiest sounding midi I've ever made.

I've come a long way since my first jam which was the original GMTK jam, and this was by far the most fun I've had making a game!

Have fun trying out all the jam games,


Install instructions

Download the .ZIP file, extract, check out the readme.txt for controls and credits, launch the executable and enjoy!

IMPORTANT! Please ensure the application is launched from the same folder as the data.win file, or the program will not work!


Shmavity (Title Fix v0.2).zip 6 MB

Development log

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