I Made The Title Screen Better (and Confirmed Application is Virus-free)

This will most likely be the only update prior to the jam's conclusion, but I couldn't live with myself using that god awful title screen (pictured right). I have updated it (pictured left) to look closer to the thumbnail image, and better capture the feel of the game. Also you can read it, so that's nice.

On another note, it was reported to me that the application is detected as a threat on some antiviruses. I can't confirm this, but just to be safe I ran it through VirusTotal here. After testing 67 antiviruses, it comes out clean. If your antivirus for some reason detects Shmavity as a threat, it is a false positive.

Thanks for checking out my game,



Shmavity (Title Fix v0.2).zip 6 MB
Sep 02, 2018
Shmavity (Zipped Executable) 6 MB
Sep 02, 2018

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I have also included both executables in this post if anyone wants to play the game with the old title screen. That's literally the only difference, but I thought I should make it accessible.